Dorrance Wedding – Amy and Greg – Providence RI

The Dorrance is one those off the beaten path kind of places, that is actually right smack dab in the middle of everything you never even knew was there  ( whew, that was a mouthful! )

It sits right on the edge of the Jewelry and Financial districts in downtown Providance right on the corner of Wesminster and Dorrance St.  The former site of the Union Trust building, it has some of the coolest features in it, including an actual walk-in safe, and some really cool early 1900’s architecture ( the ceilings and windows in particular ).  A balcony adorns the middle so it makes for some cool vantage points for you and your guests to chat and watch the action below, it’s also where the cermony was held, and Amy and Greg came out to greet their guest for the reception wearing Deadmau 5 heads they had made.

Amy and Greg are regular volunteers at Providence’s own Waterfire.   They themed their wedding after Waterfire, and when the time came, they knew The Dorrance was the place they were going to have it.   We first headed over to India Point Park to get the first look and wedding formals.  After we headed back over to The Dorrance for the ceremony and reception.  At the end, we decided to take a stroll downtown to finish up Waterfire with some spectacular photos down at the South Main Street Park.

This one was shot for Wendy Hewes of Photography By Wendy Hewes who was the main photographer.

Congrats Amy and Greg!!