She said yes! Kate and Chris engaged at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hartford CT

A month ago, Chris approached me with an idea- he wanted to propose to his girlfriend and wanted me to capture this once in a lifetime moment with pictures.  Most couples get to tell the story of their engagement with words, but not many get to share that special moment with photos.  I was in!  The setting was to be on Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Towers above Hartford in the middle of January. Chris is an architect for a living, so when he going over his ‘plan’ with me, it was actually more like a blueprint with every detail thoughtfully crafted with Kate in mind.  I was provided diagrams of the towers, outlining Kate’s entrance, possible locations for myself to remain hidden, and most importantly where Chris would take his knee to ensure maximum surprise for Kate- this is a man of detail. Chris strung lights up along the spiral staircase Kate would ascend to illuminate the dark walk and provide light for her to view the over one hundred pictures he had placed along the way which documented the special times they have shared during their relationship. As she made the climb, Pearl Jams “Just Breathe” was paying on a boombox echoing throughout the tower on the journey upwards.  At the top of tower, Kate was met by over 50 candles which led her onto the bridge crossing Trinity St. where he was waiting- very nervously I might add! As the photos captured… she said yes!  Congrats guys!

“Are we really engaged!?”