Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Our approach is what is often referred to as photojournalism.  I like to call my style documentary, photojournalism.  This means that I document your day as it happens, capturing the moments as they unfold, seeking out what is going on.  These can be things as intimate to the father of the bride seeing his little princess in her dress for the time while doing his best to hold back a tear, to photographing a conversation that two family members who have not seen each other in 30 years during the reception, and everything in between.  These are you things you can’t plan, only be there for – moments are what make up your wedding day, and each wedding is unique and yours will be no exception.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes I do!  I can also provide proof of insurance to a vendor if they require.  Please just let me know and I will be happy to oblige!

Q: How many images do I get?

A:  Due to the nature of weddings, its impossible to guarantee a number of images per wedding.  There are lots of factors that go into it, like location, time of day, number of guests, etc.   I also weed out all of the bad images for you ( people blinking, bad angles, etc ), and give you the best pictures of your day.   I give you the moments I captured and photos of the day as it unfolded.   My average number is around 600-800 images for an 8 hour wedding.

Q: Do you process or edit the images at all?

A: The images you will receive are called ‘proofs’.   My proofing process includes a culling process ( basically, remove the bad ones and give you only the best ) , as well as a image processing regiment.  Processing includes color enhancement, contract adjustment, red eye reduction, white balance correction, black and white of certain images, and cropping.  The images you receive are not ‘straight out of the camera’ and each one gets my personal touch.  Editing of pictures, which includes things such as ‘remove that tree’, or ‘replace person x with person y’, ‘remove that from person y’, etc, are done a per image basis and pricing for that work may be additional.

Q: What size are the images I will receive?

A: For my standard packages, the image size you receive will be ‘very big’.  To get technical, they are about 3000 – 3500 pixels wide.  They are big enough to make really big prints.  I can provide the absolute full size images at no additional cost if you provide a hard drive for me to put them on.

Q: How will I receive my images?

A: Wedding images are delivered to the clients on a personalized USB thumb drive in a personalized case.  DVD’s are available upon request.  Images are also placed on an online proofing gallery ( password protected ) for up to 6 months.

Q: Do you have an online gallery for my pictures?

A: Yes, all jobs for my clients will be hosted on an online gallery where you can order prints, share with friends, post to facebook etc.

Q: Do you recommend a second photographer?

A: I will typically always recommend a second photographer.  Two cameras at different locations during the event gets you a vast array of photos that one person just simply cannot capture.  At the end of the day, your satisfaction is paramount, so the better and varied your selection of images, the happier you will be.

Q: Do I get a print release for my images?

A: Yes, you paid me for them!  You are free to get them printed wherever you would like.  I can also do prints as well, so if you need something custom done ( canvas wrap, aluminum backing, etc ), I can assist with that.

Q: Do you only shoot weddings?

A: No, but it does make up about 90% of my work.  I do shoot engagement sessions ( usually they come with a wedding package ), family portraits, and senior portraits.  For pricing please contact me.

Q:  Do you have backup equipment?

A:  Yes!  I show up with multiple camera bodies, multiple lenses, and multiple flash, batteries, memory cards, etc.  I even have back ups to my back ups because you can never be too prepared!

Q: How do I get in contact with you?

A: You can use the ‘Contact’ link at the top and send me a message.  However, a direct email works better, or a phone call.  Email: nick@nickmaccarthyphotography.com, Phone: (401) 217-9620.

Q:  What are your prices?

A: You can see my pricing here.  If what you need doesn’t fit in either of those packages, let me know and we can work out something custom.

Q: How far ahead should we book with you?

A: As far out as you can.  My availability in the peak months ( May – November ) fills up fast.  So get in contact with me as soon as you can so we can secure your date!

Q: How far do you travel?

A: I’m based out of Rhode Island.  I will typically travel within an 75 mile radius of Providence ( this includes, Boston, Eastern CT, and Southern Worcester County ) with no issues.  If the wedding is futher than 75  miles, we can work out the details.  I do destination weddings as well.  Contact me for the details.

Q: My wedding is going to be big, we want every detail captured, or we want an additional photographer

A: I typically always recommend a second photographer, even if your wedding is not going to be big.   This ensures we have two lenses capturing two different angels and points of view during the day.  The second photographer also makes a great assistant helping round up rowdy family members or assisting the client when the need arises.  Most of my packages include a second photographer.

Q: How long before my images are done?

A: For a wedding, the turnaround time is 6-8 weeks during peak season ( May – November ).   Typically I have them turned around in much less time than that, but sometimes good things do take time 🙂

Q: What do you accept for payment?

A:  Cash or Check are the accepted methods of payment.  By keeping credit card payments to a minimum, I am able to keep my costs down.   If cash or check can’t work for you, please contact me to work something out.

Q: What should we wear for our Engagement Session?

A:  Bring a few outfits for each of you.   One or two outfits that are dressy / classy  and another one or two that are casual and expresses YOU.  This way we have few different outfits to not only capture something formal for the family, but another that expresses you guys and what you are about to spice things up a bit!

Dress for the occasion.   If we are in the summer, dress summery.  At the beach?  Bring some sandals and prepare to go into to the water.   Winter?  Bring that scarf and gloves!

Layers are great as they add some dimension and hide things, but avoid things that are very baggy and droopy.  Colors are great too, but make sure to choose colors that compliment you.  Avoid wearing one solid color family ( i.e. Khaki shorts with a brown shirt ) – think contrasts.   Try to avoid stripes or busy patterns or anything that might not flatter you.   A few different shoes are never a bad thing, and neither are cowboy boots if you got ’em!  Accessories ( earrings, necklaces, bracelets ) all make for great shots, and even the guys can get in on the action as well ( scarfs, hats, rings, etc ).   Wear something comfortable and you know you look good in because if you are not comfortable, or confident, you won’t look comfortable and confident in your pictures so keep this in mind!

Most of all we are here to capture you guys and what you are about!  So, if you have an outfit or two that means something special to you ( maybe jerseys for your favorite sports team ), then by all means lets use them!